Yuneec Mantis G Drone with Remote Controller Reviews

Yuneec – Mantis G Drone with Remote Controller
Capture photos and video clips from above with this Yuneec Mantis G drone. Levers on the remote control help improve maneuvering, and the voice control and facial detection features make it easier to use. This lightweight Yuneec Mantis G drone folds compactly for convenient storage, and the energy-efficient design allows up to 33 minutes of flying time. Fly Responsibly: Before takeoff, update all software and firmware, and read the instructions thoroughly. See the FAA website for registration requirements and information about flying a drone safely: Additional state or local requirements may apply. Check your local jurisdiction. The following websites may help you make informed decisions about flying your drone: and

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  • Visual tracking mode
    Mark yourself or any object you want to track, and the Mantis G drone will follow wherever the marked object goes.
  • Various flight modes
    With a Waypoint feature, you tell the Mantis G drone where to go. For more cinema-style footage, intelligent auto flight modes such as Journey or Point of Interest are available, allowing the drone to continuously follow a marked target.
  • 4K camera with gimbal stabilization
    Captures stabilized 4K videos and photos in a JPEG or DNG format.
  • PX4-based flight controller
    Mantis G’s flight controller is based on the well-known open-source Dronecode Project PX4. This means you’ll have a high level of stability and reliability – and a lot of fun flying.
  • Instant Sharing feature
    Allows you to upload photos and videos directly from the app to social media so you can share them with friends.
  • Foldable design
    The lightweight and compact design lets you take your drone on a trip.
  • Voice control
    Easily control your Mantis G with voice commands.

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