Golden liquid, frothy head,

A drink that fills my heart with dread,

For once I start, I cannot stop,

My willpower takes a sudden drop.

But oh the taste, so smooth and sweet,

A pint of beer, my favorite treat,

Refreshing on a hot summer’s day,

Just the thing to wash your cares away.

From light to dark, there’s something for all,

Ale, lager, stout, the choices enthrall,

A crisp and bubbly pilsner to quench your thirst,

Or a rich and malty porter, a flavor preserved.

As I raise my glass and take a sip,

My mind begins to loosen its grip,

Relaxing in the company of friends,

And laughter and jokes that never end.

So here’s to beer, this fine liquid gold,

A drink to cherish, forever bold,

Shared amongst us, camaraderie in tow,

May the good times always flow.